Scott Vestal's Stealth BanjoScott Vestal's Stealth Banjo
Scott Vestal's Stealth BanjoScott Vestal's Stealth BanjoScott Vestal's Stealth Banjo


A 50% deposit will be required at the time your order is placed. Delivery time ranges from 12-18 weeks, depending on current demand and the intensity of Scott's touring schedule. Remember, every Stealth is personally assembled, set-up and signed by Scott so we appreciate your patience as we assure that everything is absolutely perfect before we ship your banjo.

Full payment will be due before your Stealth is shipped. We prefer a money order or cashier's check for final payment. Personal checks will be accepted but a delay of up to 10 days will be required before shipping. Non-US customers please note that only checks or money orders drawn on US funds can be accepted. Shipping charges vary according to distance and will be computed prior to final delivery.

Scott Vestal
PO Box 403
Greenbrier, TN 37073



Delivery time

Mahogany                                $4700.00            12-18 weeks
Quilted Mahogany $5000.00            12-18 weeks
Walnut                                        $4850.00            12-18 weeks
Flame Maple                                  $5000.00            12-18 weeks

Plating Options

Gold Plating           $1800.00  
Black Nickel Plating $1900.00  

Stealth banjo, gold and black